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Aurelia Beach Complex wishes to inform its customers that we apply all anti-epidemic measures in order to provide you both comfort and tranquility during your stay!
In accordance with the prevention of Covid-19, we put information signs in the common areas.
- we have installed protective plexiglass walls at the reception desk;
- registration at the reception desk of more than 2 guests at a time is not allowed, unless they are members of one family;
- in response to Covid-19 the Reception desk works until 24:00;
- we have placed disinfectants as follows: in the restaurant, at the Reception desk, round the pool and in the common areas of the complex;
- our team of maids is at your disposal from 08:00 until 16:00. Regarding Covid-19, please inform us, if you do not want your room to be cleaned;
- we use cleaning products and protocols that are effective against viruses, including Covid-19;
- we are cleaning the most frequently touched places and objects: door handles, light switches and sockets in the rooms, remote controls, as well as the furniture and the surfaces;
- common areas of the complex are also cleaned and disinfected, paying special attention to the reception desk’s surfaces, the lifts and the buttons in them;
- when maintaining the pool all requirements and standards for high hygiene are observed;

You will be charged with a sunny mood and a feeling of complete relaxation!
Our guests are also our friends!